About Tamara

ProfileTamara’s skills and achievements have been primarily based within a diverse spectrum of psychic and creative endeavours.

Her early career included proficiency in dance and the performing arts. She worked as choreographer and creative director for a number of exclusive venues across Europe. Tamara’s academic background in business, art and linguistics, also provided her with a platform to work in an advisory capacity, creating and participating in the development of an exciting range of concepts within the leisure industry.

While still involved in a selection of European projects, Tamara was offered the opportunity to write her first book, titled The Key to Your Dreams. Tamara’s vast and extensive knowledge of the metaphysical, mystical and psychic realm allowed her to write the book in an accessible and informative manner, utilising actual case studies and examining the intellectual, psychological and mystical properties of this intriguing and provocative subject. The publication of the book led to a number of radio interviews on the subject of dreams, sleeping patterns and the indirect effect and power of the subconscious mind.

Soon after, Tamara was offered a position as resident psychic and presenter on Sky Television’s Psychic TV (now named Psychic Today). Referred to as ‘Love Goddess‘ and stylist by the viewers of Psychic TV, Tamara’s objective has revolved successfully around the ideology of self-discovery and empowerment. She has been inspired to write a variety of articles on related topics and has been holding regular tutorials. As an accomplished artist,Tamara has also expressed and demonstrated her knowledge and revelations through art.

Tamara’s interests continue to cover an exciting range of projects and activities within the psychic realm. She has had regular articles in Prediction Magazine and has appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. She has enjoyed a number of radio interviews and has been involved with Urban Jazz. Working on a global level, Tamara has also collaborated with projects involving European television. Tamara was voted Psychic of the Year 2013 by viewers of Psychic Today. She has been interviewed and featured in a number of publications including: Daily Express, Daily Star, Kindred Spirit, Honestly Dating, Mail Online, Closer Online, Chat and Cosmopolitan. Her current focus includes her own online television channel, Trusseau TV as well as designing a range of clothing with a conceptual basis. Tamara’s love for psychic and creative pursuits inspire her continuously, allowing her to grow and develop as she shares her gifts through various aspects of her work.