Develop and Build


As every individual is different, ‘development’ is very much relevant to the person involved. Generally, a sense of focus is required. A popular method is to choose a certain aspect of the psychic realm, for example mediumship, the tarot, etc and for a while learning plus studying and reflecting on that particular topic. This would enable a certain amount of channeling and in time, other subjects can be approached.

Spending time with individuals who have strong psychic orientations would also help progress as the blending of energies can almost behave like a tuning fork and of course, learning about your chosen subject would allow you much insight and encourage growth.

Needless to say, development does not occur overnight. Patience is required as well as a true desire to understand and explore your psychic talents.

Should you feel this may be of interest to you, please contact me by email or phone for initial consultation and individual assessment.