Relationships, Career, Money, Family

image Guidance is offered in most areas. However, I specialise in the following:

Relationships: An in-depth view of the possibilities within the relationship; an analysis of the thoughts and feelings of all parties involved; future trends and advice on all major decisions.

Career: An examination of skills and talents; a closer look at the most productive choices available; clarity on all future options.

Money: Analysis of financial trends; advice on all worries and problems; future possibilities.

Family: An in-depth examination of all relevant issues; an understanding of the various influences involved; clear, concise information with a view to resolving any problematic situations.

It must be emphasised that we have freedom of choice and as such a reading should not be treated as a prediction but more constructively it may be viewed as an insight into available options and possibilities. After all illumination is the first step towards obtaining balance and happiness.

For more information, please view under Booking. A percentage of all proceeds from readings will be donated to Cancer related charities.